Ruth Kerr running a choral workshop

Sing Out with Confidence Workshops

I believe wholeheartedly that everyone can sing and that they should feel good about their voice.

I regularly run workshops with an emphasis on boosting confidence, whether that be exploring how high you can sing (almost certainly it’s higher than you thought), having the confidence to sing in harmony, or simply improving your vocal technique.

Sessions usually last around 2 hours and can be run for a minimum of 10 singers, or a maximum of 30.

Please contact me directly if you would like to attend, or to arrange, a workshop.

The Paddock Singers

I have been directing the Paddock Singers, an all-female choir based in Lewes, since the autumn of 2011. During that time membership numbers have risen from around twenty to its current level of over forty enthusiastic members.

It is a non-auditioned choir and we sing in parts, embracing a broad repertoire of music, from classical and traditional folk, to contemporary and music theatre.

Previous singing experience or the ability to read music isn't a necessary prerequsite, as one my passions as a choral leader is to ensure that all singers arrive at performances feeling confident that they know their music. Participants can learn their parts by ear during rehearsal, use the music or word sheets which are given out months ahead of performances, and the recordings I make of individual parts to practise at home.

We perform at least three times a year and although this inevitably necessitates plenty of note-learning, I also try to enhance the process by continually giving tips on vocal technique and how best to sing the music.

As a piano-playing soprano with lots of experience both chorally and operatically, I feel I have a lot to offer the group and am proud to be their leader!

For more information about the choir, visit their website