Workshops provide a fun and sociable opportunity to build your singing confidence, hone your vocal technique and learn to sing lovely music

Singing Confidence Workshops

I believe wholeheartedly that everyone can sing and that they should feel good about their voice, so I regularly run workshops with an emphasis on boosting confidence, whether that be exploring how high you can sing (almost certainly it’s higher than you thought!), having the confidence to sing in harmony, or simply improving your vocal technique 

My workshops are designed to suit all levels of experience and ability - those who sing regularly can hone their skills and explore the new repertoire I provide (sometimes I compose it myself!), but they're also a good place to start for those who have begun to wonder about how to improve their voices, or those who want to try singing in a group before joining a choir.

Above all else, though, it's about the love of singing and the pleasure to be found in singing with other people   

Sessions usually last for 2 hours and I provide proper coffee and homemade cake in the break (cake and singing is an excellent combination, in my opinion).  A good time is had by all!

Please contact me to receive updates about future workshop dates, or check my New Events page on the website.  I can also arrange bespoke workshops for groups of 10 or more (workplace team-building sessions, for example, or private parties), so please get in touch if you'd like to plan an event.

What people have said about Ruth Kerr's Singing Confidence Workshops

Many thanks for a great workshop, Ruth ,which I found incredibly helpful and interesting-quite a revelation
— Margaret
My Mum, sister and I had such a lovely morning yesterday. A rare treat to be together without children and to do something unusual. I haven’t sung with my sister for 20 yrs I realised! We loved it, thank you.
Thank you so much for this morning’s workshop. I was thrilled to witness how you teach. It was inspirational
— Sue, E
Ruth is a fantastic teacher – encouraging and confidence-inspiring! Great workshop.